Building our patent library!

ETA is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet and is the mathematical symbol for efficiency.  Energy efficiency has, in particular, taken centre stage in technology innovation across the globe. At ETA Green Power Ltd, we have taken this to our hearts and made it our mission in every sense.

As we take on the challenge of revolutionising electric drive systems, ETA’s new ideas and concepts are redefining efficiency ‘norms’. With our R&D mandate we continuously question traditional views on the efficiency of products to ensure they meet our standards and if not – how can we make them better?  By questioning current designs, we have identified innovative adaptions to electro-magnetic configurations, resulting in greater total efficiencies and cost savings.  

These innovations have led to a series of patents focusing on the application and management of magnetics in electric motors, motor controllers, inverters and power electronics. ETA’s unique motor design challenges conventional thinking to provide greater power density and efficiency at lower costs.  Transferrable across numerous applications and easily scalable, we anticipate this series of motors will enable OEMs to remove their reliance on hydrocarbon fuel sources and rare-earth magnets.

ETA now has an established library of advanced and original electric motor, inductor and controller technologies. To learn more, please connect with us…

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