ETA green power

We are a design organisation with expertise in electric drives

Our vision

To accelerate and achieve a carbon neutral society through commercial and consumer adoption of electrified solutions and products.

Our purpose

To innovate original electrification solutions through game-changing technology, streamlining development processes and production methodologies that reduce environmental impact.

Our mission

To enable our clients to improve electrification productivity whilst reducing costs and maximising performance for a sustainable future.


Our company


In 2019, our company developed our first patented Electric Drive System capable of replicating the performance of a 3.5Hp internal combustion engine whilst achieving gravimetric power density of 3kW/Kg, eliminating motor cogging, delivering improved battery life and up to 95% system efficiency. All without additional costs. ETA continues to expand its solutions into higher power products going up to 50kW.

Engineering efficiency is at the core of ETA. We systematically apply practical and theoretical knowledge that will best advantage people and the advancement of the world we live in. Our end-to-end service supports your electrification journey from helping you specify an electrification solution though to the release of your electrified products with an integrated supply chain.

We achieve this by engineering solutions that enable the maximum utilisation across multiple products. This reduces the number of stock units / vendors our clients have to manage, and offers production flexibility that meets their customer demands quickly.

Furthermore, ETA designs solutions with sustainability engineered in; we minimise rare earth magnet content reducing the impact of electrification on the environment but, at the same time, reducing the risk of price shocks / supply chain disruption.

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