ETA Celebrating a First!

ETA Green Power has just celebrated it’s first birthday. Like many firsts, it has been challenging but our team of expert engineers continues their success in developing our game-changing electric drive system.  

Undeterred by the disruption of COVID restrictions, we have adapted seamlessly to remote working and have continued to innovate our unique motor topography. Our technology answers the unmet need for a market-leading, efficient and inexpensive electric drive system offering an alternative to traditional internal combustion engines and some existing electric motors.  

With comparison testing completed, results have proven ETA’s motor sustains greater than 95% efficiency above and beyond its competitors providing a flatter efficiency curve over wider torque and speed ranges.

In the coming months, further refinement of our motors will cumulate in our first product launch in the Spring.  

To register your interest in our game-changing innovation please connect with us…

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