Electric solutions for
low voltage applications


Now you can replace internal combustion engines with ETA's solutions as efficiently as possible. Ideal for many verticals, including Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE), Compact Construction and Agriculture, Marine, Access Material and Handling, HVAC and Non-Automotive Vehicles.


If you are looking for a smaller electric motor which is cheaper and lighter then ask ETA. If you have an application that will benefit from 95% system efficiency, we can help. Putting it crudely, our electric motors will electrify your power equipment without compromising performance.

Increasing customer

growth in consumers searching online for electric ride-on/tractor mowers during 2021.

Outdoor power

Manufacturers of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) face growing regulatory and market pressures to reduce and remove emissions.

This creates pressure on manufacturers who need to make technical decisions about electrifying their equipment with limited experience of electric motors. If you are facing big decisions around electrification, just ask ETA.

  • chainsaws
  • hedge cutters
  • mowers
  • snow blowers
  • wood chippers
  • commercial ride on mowers

Continuous growth

rise in Indian electric scooter and motorcycle market on an annual basis from 2014


ETA's high power density, compact electric solutions provide an incredibly cost effective answer for the e-mobility sector.

Not only can golf carts and scooters travel further with these lighter, denser powered, more efficient yet cost effective motors, ETA's manufacturing processes reduce the use of rare earth materials by circa 60% which makes them a more sustainable option for your customers.

  • e-scooters
  • e-motorbikes
  • e-mopeds
  • quad bikes
  • golf carts
  • utility vehicles/side by sides

New motors provide new
opportunities for agriculture

of users cited good performance and power as their top two measurements of satisfaction

Agriculture &

Electric drive systems for compact construction equipment and small agricultural vehicles. Lower noise, lower vibrations for hand and whole body. Our zero emission motors support clients to help their customers in complying with their contractual obligations to minimise emissions.

Agricultural and construction equipment can operate safely indoors and offer commercial customers new opportunities.

  • mini excavators
  • telehandlers
  • skidsteer
  • wacker plates
  • vibratory hammers
  • compact tractors
  • harvesters

Two-stroke engines
cause significant pollution

of the fuel and added oil used in two-stroke engines are emitted unburned directly into the water


Two-stroke engines and bilge water result in fuel, oil and other toxic substances being released into the environment. This fuel and oil contains heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and it is extremely harmful to organisms. These bioaccumulate and biomagnify, ultimately reaching humans through seafood and fresh water fish. By switching to highly efficient electric motors, your customers have the opportunity to remove toxic fuels from marine vessels.

A further benefit of electric lies in noise reduction. Many studies have shown how noise can distress or disrupt marine mammals and now there is growing concern that sounds created by humans may interfere with the ability of fish to detect biologically relevant sounds.

At a more introspective level, electric boats offer users the opportunity to enjoy peaceful time on the water and reduce servicing costs.

  • bow and stern thrusters
  • outboards
  • propulsion
  • winches
  • powered sail furling systems

Decarbonisation of electricity production

New York State aims to have a carbon-free electricity system


Increasing pressure to reduce greenhouse gases is putting the spotlight on all energy uses. 2018 estimates suggest that Canada's residential and commercial building sector were responsible for about 12 per cent of GHG emissions. At a global scale, this is significant.

There are already viable alternatives to fossil fuel boilers, furnaces, water pumps and air conditioning systems, in the form of heat pumps. The challenge is to make the switch and, traditionally, cost has been a barrier.

At a time when the HVAC market needs to shift away from hydrocarbon solutions, the existing electrification solutions continue to be large, heavy and inefficient. Now ETA offers a light weight, low cost efficient solution to support these challenges.

  • heating
  • ventilation
  • air conditioning
  • domestic and commercial property
  • irrigation (water pumps)
  • industrial pumps & equipment
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