We design custom electric motors for multiple applications

Currently HVAC is powered by fossil fuels or a number of different types of electric motors, depending on the nature of the system and the type of installation. From HVAC in buildings to HVAC in vehicles, the pressure is on to improve efficiency and minimise emissions.

Looking purely at the HVAC in buildings, market research predicts the sector is set to double in size between 2020 and 2027. At the same time, estimates suggest HVAC accounts for 40% of overall energy consumption in developed countries.

Nearly all non-fossil fuel HVAC systems rely on electric motors and controllers. Ask ETA about their new technology offering compact, efficient, price competitive solutions tailored to the needs of the HVAC sector.

we build custom electric motors

Our ETA motor

Possible applications

Currently there are a number of electric motors in use in HVAC - Permanent Split Capacitor motors which only offer 65% efficiency, CSIR (Capacitor-Start Induction-Run) motor, the CSCR (Capacitor Start Capacitor Run) and Split phase motors, as well as brushless DC motors.

The ETA motor and controllers offer significant improvements for applications that currently use brushless DC motors. ETA offers 95% motor efficiency and 98% controller efficiency at a lower cost and with future-proof capabilities for smart buildings and smart cities.

Efficiency is the key to electrifying HVAC without impacting on performance. From chillers in electric vehicles to quiet heating in caravans and zero-emissions from buildings, the ETA motor and controller can be adapted to your application.



Off Highway vehicles

As cabs get bigger, more glass is used (wraparound glass, vista windows, condo sleepers) and this makes it more challenging to keep the internal climate comfortable. Switching to a highly efficient electric HVAC system lets manufacturers of OH vehicles offer their customers the best of all worlds.

Domestic and commercial property (AEC)

Demand for energy-efficient, zero-emissions HVAC is growing as countries and individual cities strive to meet their sustainability targets. Switching to electric HVAC systems, making wider use of heat pumps and reducing reliance on fossil fuels is a cornerstone to delivering improvements.


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