Innovating high density electric drive systems for a sustainable world

Engineering our world together

Cut your carbon emissions with electrification solutions that don’t compromise performance. ETA’s patented electric drive solutions removes the cost barrier without impacting quality.


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System efficiency and improved battery life

Trade users would stop using petrol-powered tools if a suitable alternative was available at the same price.


Innovative power solutions

Leaders in high density electric drive systems across multiple applications

The electrificaton of the Off-Highway sector has been neglected by suppliers of 'off the shelf' products but now ETA is changing that.

Our solution is designed to migrate equipment from internal combustion engines (ICE) as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers can access our solutions in order to accelerate their electrification strategies. 

for ETA motors

Effective in all existing 7.4kW (10HP) rotary drive systems such as hydraulic motors and small internal combustion engines.

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