Make your products greener & more cost effective

ETA is the perfect solution provider to deliver your electrification strategy.

Our electrification solutions out perform others for the same size, weight and cost. Our solutions deliver a wide operating efficency up to 95%.

ETA has conducted several comparison tests with cordless OPE products demonstrating performance improvements.

Our electric motors are what your customers need. With ETA, you can give them equipment with an exceptionally high energy output for the size of the motor without compromising price or performance.

Electric motors from ETA

Scaleable and
cost effective

Unique technology keeps our motor cool and reduces the risk of overheating. When equipment overheats, people have to stop what they are doing and wait for the motor to cool down. This is one of the most common causes for complaint among users of electric power tools.

Focus on emissions from
Outdoor Power Equipment

California enforces a zero emission policy of sub 25hp

Key benefits

Our solutions are controlled with patented control algorithms so they can operate without expensive hardware. This reduces the costs of the motor compared to other off the shelf products.

  • Up to 50% longer run time
  • Greater than 95% motor efficiency
  • Greater than 98% motor controller efficiency
  • Gravimetric power density of 3 kW/Kg
  • Reduce use of rare earth materials by up to 70%
  • Market leading duty cycle performance efficiency

Cutting edge

ETA has removed cogging from its motors allowing for precise control and a smooth operation.

Reduced peak to peak current draw gives you significant benefits in terms of battery life.

Our technology includes functionality to boost the battery voltage, enabling you to utilise the motor design in a higher voltage range and increase the overall system efficiency.

  • Electric motors with the sensitivity and feel of a hydraulic drive system
  • Slotless motors for smooth, predictable torque
  • BLDC technology eliminates cogging
  • Reduced peak to peak current draw delivering significant benefits to the battery life
  • Control position at low speeds and at start-up

Predicted cordless lawn mower sector growth

Compound annual growth rate between 2020 and 2025 


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